launch is a command line tool that automates the build and deployment of Meteor Corova projects to Galaxy, the iOS App Store, Google Play, and Hockey. You won't even have to open Xcode! Set up launch in an existing or new project, throw it on a CI, and never worry about deployment again.

see ya


$ launch build
$ launch galaxy
$ launch testflight

Getting Started


Let's get launch installed globally.

$ npm install -g meteor-launch


We need to create a launch.json file in your project. This is what launch uses in your project to set all your project-specific variables (API tokens, directories, etc.). launch has a command for that.

$ launch init

You should now see a launch.json file in your project with a bunch of blank variables. You can fill these in as necessary later on.


There are a few things to add to your .gitignore, including the launch.json file, because it will end up containing sensitive information. Here is an example from a sample project, your needs will likely be different.




A mobile-config.js is needed in order to target Cordova in a Meteor project. It would be a good idea to set this up if you haven't already. Here is an example from a sample project. More info is available in the Meteor docs.{
  id: 'cc.newspring.LaunchTodosExample',
  name: 'LaunchTodosExample',
  description: 'Example of using launch',
  author: 'NewSpring Church',
  email: '',
  website: '',
  version: '0.0.1',
  buildNumber: '1'


It's time to launch some things! For each launch action, there are specific variables that you will need to fill out in your launch.json file. For information on each action, use the sidebar. Happy launching!

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